5mm Bamboo Cocktail Straws

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Ideal For

Lite blended drinks, cocktails, frappés, kids drinks or shorter glasses

Best Seller

146mm  (5.75")
Replaces 4mm plastic straw

Cocktail Straw Lengths

120mm long (4.75")
133mm long (5.25")
140mm long (5.50")
146mm long  (5.75")
197mm long (7.75")

Sharp Tip Straw

One end is flat, the other is angled
Helps liquid travel up the straws
Helps pierce through lids

Straws are Grown

Each cocktail straw is unique
The shade can be lighter or darker
The diameter can be smaller or larger
That's because straws are grown
Not manufactured

5mm Diameter

Choose a larger diameter bamboo straw than paper or plastic
Straws crafted from bamboo stems are usually thicker

Cocktail Straw

Like other utensils, wash after every use.
More information here


Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant
Straws biodegrade naturally in compost

Bamboo Straws

Stems are harvested and sun dried naturally
Precision cut and water pressure cleaned
Hand filed, sanded and polished
Water pressure cleaned again
Sun dried naturally
You have a bamboo straw
100% organic, no pesticides, no chemicals