Painted Straws

Biodegradable Coloured Straws

Wood Straws

Eco-friendly natural paint

Over 150 Colours


Earth Pigments
Mineral Filling Material
Non-toxic Preservatives
Titanium Dioxide (white pigment)
Vinegar Ester


Zero VOC -  There are no Volatile Organic Compounds in the natural enamel paint used on straws

Screen Colour - Straw colours may not show accurately on some screens. We suggest you request a sample straw before you buy

Colour Psychology - Colour can often be the sole reason someone purchases a straw or a drink the straw comes with. There’s a coloured straw to match every taste, style and emotion. Coloured straws can increase one preference over another and keep you ahead of the competition
Colours and Occasions - Patriotic straws sometimes reflect the colour of your country's flag. Valentine's day straws are pink and red. St Patrick's Day straws are of course, green. Christmas straws are red and green. Hanukkah straws are blue and white. Islamic straws are traditionally green

Warm, Cool and Neutral - Warm coloured straws are red, yellow, orange and pink. Cool coloured straws are green, purple and violet. Neutral coloured straws are brown, black, gray and white
Colour Fading - Colour change due to fading is a natural occurrence and this also happens when straws are cleaned in a dishwasher just like hot and cold weather fades paint